• 2015 Dental Services Now Offered
• 2013 Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system development
• 2013 Pharmacy revamp project
• 2012 Container Shipment to Jamaica
• Mobile Clinic Unit expands its outreach territory in Jamaica (ongoing)


• Prep School is in the process of implementing a Lunch Program for

the children (ongoing)
• Finishing the beautification of the new building (ongoing)


• Vocational training (ongoing)
• Literacy Program (new)


• Young Women of Grace Jamaica (new)
• Intercessory Missionary team for the nation of Jamaica

Research for Community Sustainability and Improvement

• Department of Health Services Administration (new)
• AJL College and University Partnership Program (new)
• AJL International Development Internship Program (new)
• AJL Community Health Collaborative Jamaica (new)


 AJL began partnerships with universities to provide students with an international applied service-learning experience


ꙮ New Bethel Zion Church Clinic improved healthcare service delivery through the establishment of a new medical record-keeping system and pharmaceutical distribution process


ꙮ New Bethel Preparatory School began the 2008 - 2009 year in a new building. The larger building became a necessity due to increased enrollment. Thanks for your support!


ꙮ Beautification of the New Bethel Zion Prepatory School was completed.


ꙮ The Medical Mission Mobile Clinic Unit now serves 5 additional communities.


ꙮ Welcome to our newest board members: Pastor John Larayetan and Dr. Raymond Nge of Nigeria. They will be heading our Nigerian Chapter of AJL.

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