Am I a Good Fit for Missions?

Mission work is often described as volunteering services to a community to accomplish a specific assignment and meet specific needs. Historically, it is something associated with a religion, in our case Christianity, where individuals travel internationally to serve people, express the love of God and share their faith. This may include helping to build homes, support water supply projects, and strengthen efforts for education, skills training and more. During missions with AJL, we support medical and dental services, community development, educational enrichment, spiritual encouragement and more. An important goal for AJL is to fortify communities to be self-reliant and be able to successfully sustain livelihood and good health.

So where do I fit?

We believe that everyone has a purpose, and the many ways to walk out that purpose are not always extremely clear. There are gifts, talents and skills that you possess that you are well aware of, yet there are many others you do not know exist because the time nor the opportunities have come for you to use them. Some will be sent to serve in the mission fields, some will send finances and resources and others will intercede for both and celebrate with joy as everyone walks out the desires placed in their hearts.

Are you a good fit for missions? Yes! The capacity and purpose are what we pray will be revealed and confirmed in your heart. You were designed for greatness and the best way to fulfill it is to learn your purpose and walk it out well.

God, we ask that you give grace to the readers of this prayer and help them to be those who respond with their hearts to your voice, word and instruction and open their ears to your words of knowledge, direction and love. In Jesus name we pray. Amen (Proverbs 23:12).


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