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Foundation Mission
 The American Jamaican Link Charitable Foundation, Inc. (AJL) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization whose primary goals are to provide medical, educational, mental, spiritual and social services to individuals and families in poor rural communities both domestic and abroad.

                                         AJL In Action

In the US, AJL strives to impact the world on a local level. AJL offers free medical services and educational support to the citizens that live in our very own communities. We also partner with local corporations and student volunteers to prepare supplies for missions abroad.


 Click to see more of the Job Training Program Our free health care clinics, education programs, on the job training, and spiritual counseling have helped improve many lives in Jamaica.  



The much needed medical services were welcomed throughout African nations such as Kenya/Tanzania, Uganda and Nigeria. In addition to its medical mission, AJL has started a Nigerian Chapter to more strategically meet the medical, social, and spiritual needs of many communities in this country.  


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